About The Atrium

The history of the garden


1. a courtyard, flanked or surrounded by porticoes
2. a skylit central court in a contemporary building.
3. a chamber to which several passageways are connected.
4. the upper chamber of the heart.


Architect Ligon Flynn Purchased The Building

The Atrium by Ligon Flynn is tucked among the buildings in the heart of historic downtown Wilmington. At one time the building housed livery stables for the downtown community, but by the 1970’s the structure had fallen into complete ruin. Architect Ligon Flynn purchased the building in the 1980’s and redesigned it into a contemporary urban garden and office space.


The Garden Was Discovered

After his death in 2010, the garden was discovered by Jennifer of Salt Harbor Designs and Millie of Millie Holloman Photography. They instantly fell in love with the site, and in spring of 2011, they acquired the space and have now opened it for wedding ceremonies, receptions and events.


Wilmington’s Secret Garden

The garden is located on second street in the block between Market and Dock. It is one of Wilmington’s few contemporary courtyard gardens. Ligon Flynn centered his design on the intersection of people and nature, and the philosophy remains apparent in the Atrium today. The area is filled with natural elements, local foliage, climbing vines, brick masonry, and water combined with the clean lines of modern architecture. The space has a magical quality and has been called “an open-air cathedral,” a hidden treasure,” “Wilmington’s secret garden.”

Maintaining Ligon’s philosophy that humans should be touched by breeze, light, air, and earth, it only seems appropriate that his space be used for one of the most significant moments in a lifetime.


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