Stay informed on our new updates!

The Atrium is undergoing many upgrades over the next 6 months.

By the start of 2021, the following upgrades will be taking place:

  • Repair and painting to the front facade of the building
  • New door and framing on the front facade of the building
  • Repair and painting inside the courtyard
  • Repair and painting to the ceiling of the courtyard
  • Wall structure in the interior space to divide work area from lobby
  • Wall structure and doors added to back hallway outside of bathrooms that will divide catering from lobby
  • Wall structure between offices and getting ready space
  • Additional power and lighting added to courtyard
  • Additional plantings, rocks, and landscaping in courtyard

Beginning in summer of 2021:

The Atrium will be providing alcohol for all of its clients with per person OR consumption pricing. Full bar and wine and beer only packages will be available. All glassware, bartending, ice, and mixers will be provided in the Alcohol package. There will only be an alcohol minimum of $2000 on Saturdays ONLY.

Provided With Rentals in 2021

The following items will be provided to Atrium clients as a part of the space rental in 2021:

  • 100 walnut folding chairs
  • 10 5’ Round tables
  • 1 4’ Round table
  • 2 7’ Wooden tables
  • 1 Bar Structure